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Friday, September 21, 2012

            Yesterday September 20, 2012 marked the four month anniversary for the loss of Krysta Howell and Timmy See. They were on their way home from a party, with three other friends in the car, and the driver was drinking. The driver turned too fast while exiting the highway, when the car flipped on the early morning of May 20, 2012. They were both found dead at the scene, while the other three passengers were in bad condition. Krysta was only a freshman, who just turned 15. While Timmy was a senior, who was almost 18. The incident affected the whole community, teaching them a lesson of drinking and driving. Many are still heartbroken from the accident, and the other passengers are forever scarred from what they seen. Krysta and Timmy will never be forgotten. The community came together after the incident saying, "When one hurts, we all hurt."
-RIP Krysta Howell, and Timmy See!


  1. :( awwweee that made me almost cry. anyway i like your layout and backround good job.

  2. Thank you for posting this. They will always remain in our hearts <3

  3. That is so sweet that you made a post for both Timmy and Krysta.
    They are both forever in our hearts. Rest In Peace. <3