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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


             Friday, October 5, Wyoming High celebrated their first ever homecoming day. They ended the school day off with a pep rally, where the cheerleaders put on a show for everyone, and the homecoming court was announced.

            Later that day, the Wolves Varsity football team played a hard game against Creston High School. The whole crowd cheered them on to victory!
Nyasha Juta and Austin Woods
They were crownded homecoming King and Queen during half time.
           The game ended with an astonishing victory for the Wolves in a 34-6 win.




  1. i love the homecoming pictures! but where's the homecoming court!? i would like to see how beautiful the homecoming court looked and who our new king and queen is ;)

  2. I absolutely love that we won this game! And great pictures, they really sum up the day well!

  3. Being part of the cheer team I think we set the bar pretty high for all of the years to follow in pep rallys.

  4. LOL Nyasha ^^^^
    I agree with kpaettaway! These pictures really sum up the day, and it was a great day! Thanks!

  5. Love the pictures, captured every special part of the game except homecoming court lol.